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2012 Starboard Race BOP12.6 x 28.5

Manufacturer: Starboard
Product Code:STSUP13BOP12.6x28.5
$ 1099.00
All water racing - The proven fastest board design for choppy to all conditions becomes easier to surf and turn. Best choice for long distance racing.
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Brian Szymanski designed the Race BOP specifically for smoother ocean conditions with cleaner swell, and for in-and-out surf race events like the Battle of the Paddle (BOP).

It features a flatter rocker, flat deck, piercing nose for wave penetration paddling out, and a square tail for stability when riding swell coming in.

Team rider test results show the 12’6” Race BOP to be faster than our 12’6” Race boards in flat water and small chop.

The Race BOP Edition will be THE board to beat at BOP events and a great all round race board for experienced riders.

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