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2014 Starboard Race Ace 14.0 x 23.5

Manufacturer: Starboard
Product Code:STSUP14RAC14.0x23.5
$ 2499.00
All water racing - The proven fastest board design for choppy to all conditions becomes easier to surf and turn. Best choice for long distance racing.
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THE HISTORY: The Ace concept is an amazing creation of Brian Szymanski. He started developing the ACE concept already back in 2009 and each year its becoming more evident that in choppy waters the ACE hull simply is the fastest hull around the course. Narrow hull, high walls and a NACA profile outline. A middle rocker line that glides insanely with a curved nose absorbing all chop.

Annabel Anderson did not only finish second in the men's fleet in the New York marathon, she also beat all the French male participants in the French World Tour event in 2012 and that with a 6 minute margin. Bart De Zwart won the 11 city tour, the world's most grueling race. The Ace wins practically everywhere in choppy conditions including independent tests.

THE NEW SECRETS: For 2013 we have integrated a full size cockpit making the ACE an easy board to turn around buoys, just move your back foot back for the full pivot turn. With the flatter and wider recessed deck, it also is comfortable to walk further back for riding chop and small swell. The narrow 23.5in models are super quick but a bit challenging, whereas the 25in wide models provide ample stability for a confident rider. The 27in wide versions are for heavy riders or real bumpy conditions. and turn.

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