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2014 Starboard Race All Star 14.0 x 25.5

Manufacturer: Starboard
Product Code:STSUP14RAS14.0x25.5
$ 2399.00
Designed for the ultimate race experience!
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Creating a race board for the fastest and most demanding Race Team in the world is a challenge and there are many considerations for creating a versatile race board.

WHAT CREATED THE MAGIC IN THE 2014 ALLSTAR? Lower rocker for more speed, bottom contours that create lift to enable a board to go to glide, a nose that pierces though rough seas and surf but also lifts so you dont steer from the bow.

WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF TOP SPEED RACING? Its a board that turns a buoy fast and goes to glide first, we call that - coming out of the hole. When you combine a sleek outline, extremely complicated concave bottom, independent rail and center rockers, round to tucked sharp rails and a volume distribution that creates a balance point, This allows the paddler to minimize displacement/disturbance and maximize their stroke. From that flawless balance point comes a board that allows you to paddle on one side longer, track through quartering wind to stay on mark, run the bump, increase your stroke turn-over and hold top speeds with less effort. It feels like your paddling downhill Paddle on! Brian Szymanski

DESIGN FEATURES: Thin Nose Shape Helps you control the board from being overpowered by high momentum nose area. Perfectly Foiled Deck Helps the hull going through the water at any angle of attack keeping good balance and control over the board. Light Tuck in front of Standing Area Gives you extra stability and control from standing Area. Deep Concave in front of Standing Area Provides extra nose lift allowing a lower rocker and moderate nose buoyancy. Sharp Tail Rails Gives you ultimate control while surfing when standing in back of the board. Tail Rocker clearing at Waterline Together with a shark tail block provides an incredible release behind the board offering great glide and preventing drafters.

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