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2014 Starboard Sprint 12.6 x 25.5

Manufacturer: Starboard
Product Code:STSUP14RS12.6x25.5
$ 1799.00
The shape and the construction are being engineered together to give the maximum performance out of your paddle strokes.
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We truly enjoyed refining the nose and tail section of the Sprint range, believing a slender deflecting V nose would glide through flat water with noticeably lower resistance.

The waterline length is maximized with a low-sitting nose rocker, while the flattened-out middle rocker enables the hull to maintain higher speeds over a longer time.

The combination of all the small tweaks paid off and the final Sprint designs are clearly a faster flat-water range than anything we have ever built.

The recessed standing area lowers the center of gravity and improves stability, making it possible to ride this narrower design with full power.

The slender hull width also allows the paddle to pass closer to the center-line of the board, maximizing strokes per side, making each stroke more efficient and more balanced.

A state-of-the-art full sandwich PVC, UD carbon technology is extra-stiff, light and super-durable.

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