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2017 Starboard Nut

Manufacturer: Starboard
Product Code:STSUP17-NUT
$ 1799.00
Combining Short Board Characterstics with Longboard Style of Riding
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NUT Combining short board characteristics with longboard style of riding. Riders up to 110kg. Available from the new 10’0” to the shorter 8’5” Pro tail outline for tight cutbacks combined with the stability in the nose from a 9’ long board. Pulled in Nut outline curve produces faster tighter turning arcs when on rail. Added glide from length makes it easier to catch waves. Smaller mushier conditions yet can handle size.

10’0”x29.5” Nut High performance long board and nose rider for 10’0” class competitions. Flat entry rocker gets into waves early combined with the lift from the nose concave for fluid glide with greater control for riders up to 110kg.

9’5”x29” Nut 9’5” glide and long board style with short board maneuverability from the 8’5” Pro tail for riders up to 95kg.

9’0”x28.5” Nut Outline curve of a 7’4” Pro officers reactivity for tight cutbacks infused into a 9’0” board for easy glide into waves for riders up to 90kg.

8’5”x29” Nut High performance made easy and fun. Super smooth at every point, providing energy in smaller surf, yet contains power when it gets bigger for riders up to 85kg. Nose riding and short board styles make a truly versatile performance SUP.

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