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2011 Starboard Ace 12.6 x 27

Manufacturer: Starboard
Product Code:STSUP11A12.6x27
$ 999.00
$ 649.00
All water racing - The proven fastest board design for choppy to all conditions becomes easier to surf and turn. Best choice for long distance racing.
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The Ace boards excel in flatter waters with their sharper nose cutting small wave chop. A larger and deeper concave through the middle increases glide and early planing.

Sharper tucked rails in the cockpit area increases stability.

The 011 ACE designs are offering two widths for the 12’6” class and 2 widths for the 14’0” class.

The 27” wide hulls are more stable and made for heavier riders and more difficult water conditions.

The more narrow 25” wide boards are the choice for lighter riders and top elite racers. The ACE boards are designed by Brian Szymanski and replaces his 010 model “New” boards.


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