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2015 Starboard Race All Star 14.0 x 25

Manufacturer: Starboard
Product Code:STSUP15RAS14.0x25
$ 2199.00
14.0 x 25 All Star Balanced Open Ocean performance that maintains its speed in flat conditions
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As a designer I face many challenges, The toughest, staying ahead of the Team. Every season I provide a few of the worlds most decorated paddlers with new designs; Boards that have evolved.These designs need to be slightly ahead of the athlete. They must challenge them and deliver a r eward and allow them to tackle an entire season of goals. When the Team commits to a design they carry it around the world training day in and day out, competing in races with conditions Mother Nature controls.Paddlers need a board that embodies energy. STRATEGIC THOUGHT: SIMPLE, COMPREHENSIVE, ADVANTAGE. That.s what WE put into the 2015 ALLSTAR. Every year paddlers take these new models and enter the paddling world and every year they become more accomplished. The ALLSTAR is the board of choice for the traveling racer. I want to thank John Becker, Bart de Zwart, Connor Baxter, Annabel Anderson and Zane Schweitzer, for there wasn.t a detail that got over looked, strategic thought, that is what went into designing the ALLSTAR! On a daily basis I.m surrounded by the paddling world in our town. The North County Paddlers, a diverse group of California athletes that cover the spectrum of abilities, like the elite, they have desires and goals and like all paddling community.s they are looking ahead. The 2015 ALLSTAR is what will help take them there. Paddle on! Brian Szymanski

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