Kids Paddleboards

Stand Up Paddle is a great sport for kids that you can do together or with family and friends. As kids are light and have good balance they can start on almost any SUP. 

All Rounders for Adults can work well for Kids

The popular all round shapes work great for Kid’s and models 34″ and wider such as the  Atlas and Avanti work well for kids and adults paddling at the same time. These boards can become a little more difficult for small kids less than 40kg to solo paddle as the paddling forces are larger and the boards become less maneuverable with increasing size.

The slightly smaller all rounders such as the whopper around 34″ width can work well and are great to paddle solo for kids. The boards 30″ & below and below 160 litres are difficult for a kid and adult to paddle at the same time but are excellent boards for kids by themselves. These are rough guidelines and for specific advice on boards for kids or tandem stand up paddle boarding please contact us

A Properly Sized Paddle is important

Most paddleboards including the smallest and most advanced wave type shapes can provide a stable platform for children paddle boarding. However when it comes to paddles a small or kids paddle will result in less fatigue and frustration. With the correct sized blade making paddling more enjoyable and easier with better paddling technique.

Kids Specific Features Increase Enjoyement and Performance

There are dedicated Kids stand up paddle boards with shapes for kids and features such as soft top construction, full length eva deck grip and reduced lengths, widths and volumes. These are perfectly sized and properly scaled models for kids wanting to maximise their experience and progression.


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